Lifecoach will carry out a Hearthstone tournament

One of the most famous Hearthstone players, Adrian «Lifecoach» Koy has announced that he will carry out a card discipline tournament called Summer Mansion.

Lots of people know Lifecoach as a professional Hearthstone player, who has told about the end of the eSports career. Now, we will find out Adrian Koy as an organizer of eSports events. Lifecoach has informed that he will host a Hearthstone tournament in unusual conditions.

Summer Mansion will be run in the capital of Austria on July 1-2 and its style looks like events, which are carried out by the studio Beyond the Summit. All players will meet in one house, in which the prize pool will be up for grabs in an informal setting during two days. Despite this, players will be in the house more than a week. They will come to the gaming house beforehand to settle in and to prepare for the championship. Besides challenging matches, players will have drinks, a barbecue and other entertainments.

The tournament starts from the group stage, in which all participants will be seeded into 4 groups. Players will play a Double Elimination bracket in a GSL system at each group. Matches will be played in a Bo7 format.

Players were seeded into groups in the following way:

Group A


Group B


Group C


Group D



Two best players from each group will go to the playoff after the group stage to play against their opponents in a Single Elimination bracket with matches in a Bo7 format. Matches of the group stage will be hosted on July 1 and matches of the playoff stage — on July 2.

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The tournament will be run by the organizer of the event, Adrian «Lifecoach» Koy together with the other professional Hearthstone player, Jan «SuperJJ» Janßen. The prize pool of the tournament will amount ~$20,000. The basic prize pool has amounted $9,000 and the other part of the sum has been collected with a help of the crowdfunding.