Friebat's Throwback OTK Warrior

Friebat's Throwback OTK Warrior

                Firebat has always been known to run interesting and difficult decks on both ladder and in tournament. He has done it again, bringing a deck that we have not seen in tournament play in a very long time; The OTK Raging Worgen Warrior deck.

                For starters, lets discuss the combo and the deck style. The deck itself, at first, appears to come across as control or even Patron Warrior, since it runs 2 Brawls, Gnomish Inventors, Inner Rages and Armorsmiths. These are used to control the board for the mid-late game and survive until the combo is available.

                Speaking of the combo, it is somewhat difficult to pull off. For starters, you need at least one turn of Thaurissan effect on your hand to have enough mana. Secondly, the combo goes Raging Worgen + Charge + Inner Rage + Faceless Manipulator. Assuming there are no taunts to break through, and your opponent lacks armor, this will do a total of 32 damage face, plus potentially more with things like Rampage or a second Inner Rage.

                The issue with this deck is that its early game is pathetic. Against Shaman or Warlock (I know I call those decks out a lot, but they’re top tier for a reason) they can easily burst through the Warrior’s armor and take the game early. Aside from these, however, against late game control decks like N’Zoth Paladin or even Control Warrior, this deck might see some play, especially in tournament. I would call this deck more of a tier 3 or 2, certainly not 1. What’s fun is that we might actually see an OTK deck hit the top tier list.

                Congratulations to Firebat and his brave, yet incredible performance so far, and good luck to all other competitors!