Blizzard will host HCT Spring Championship 2017 in Shanghai

After the end of HCT Winter Championship 2016 in the Bahamas, the organizers decided that the change of scene would the right decision. As a result, Blizzard decided to change a deep water and palms for the megapolis and skyscrapers.

The venue of the spring tournament will be Silver Hall at Expo Center, in the largest city in the world — Shanghai. HCT Spring Championship 2017 will be carried out on July 7-9. First two days will be dedicated to the group stage and the third one — to the playoff stage.

The prize pool of HCT Spring Championship 2017 will amount $250,000.

4 best players, who have shown themselves the best in Spring Playoff, will be determined from each region. These players will pretend on the participation in HCT Spring Championship 2017. Participants will play with each other at the group stage, after which two best participants of each group will go to the playoff with a Single Elimination bracket.

Details of the tournament about buying of tickets and other questions will be announced by Blizzard later.