A Look at Top Tier: Token Druid

As mentioned earlier, Token Druid has an incredibly unique playstyle. We’ll discuss that here!

For starters, Token Druid plays most like a Midrange deck, only with a much more specific set of combos and win conditions. The deck utilizes Violet Teacher, Living Roots, and a bunch of low cost spells to flood the board with small minions, usually 1/1 or 2/2. After flooding the board, things like Soul of the Forest make the small tokens sticky, while Power of the Wild allows those tokens to suddenly have a lot of pressure on the board.

This deck generally aims to win by the mid-late game, so turn 8-10. In general, this deck can output a whole lot of pressure, dropping threats like Fandral to not only get value out of, but also to bait out removal so that the Arcane Giants can start wrecking face.

Since the Yogg nerf, the question is raised as to if he is even worth running. In my opinion? He’s not. The reasoning being that he’s incredibly, incredibly situational now, as it’s actually incredibly likely that you play him, he Pyroblasts himself, and dies, and there goes all 10 of your mana crystals. You’ll want something more reliable now – A good comeback mechanic could be to include Alexstrasza. I’m a big advocate of this card being good in virtually every deck so maybe that’s a bit biased. I suppose Sylvannas could be used to threaten more board control as well as bait out more removal.

Overall this deck’s playstyle is surprisingly easy. It powers out of the early game to pump out some crazy board control into enough damage to outright win the game. This deck has always been one of my favorites, as it has one of the most unique playstyles in the game and really takes into account management of cards, as well as how much you’re willing to commit to retain board control, or if it’s better to concede some of that control to your opponent.