4 Decks to try when wing 4 drops

I mean – let’s be honest. We were all pretty harsh on Medivh, the Guardian when he was announced, and not because he was particularly bad. He’s just not particularly good. I still see him as a better version of Summoning Stone, in the sense that the effect remains but you do not have to sacrifice Tempo or risk removal of the stone to get value from it. Acidic Swamp Ooze is the only thing you have to fear aside from Harrison Jones, who has faded quite quickly from the Meta aside from certain, oddball Reno decks. Also, when your opponent sees that you are a Druid, it is likely that they will play their Ooze for tempo – after all, Druids don’t have weapons, right?

Discard Warlock quickly became a personal favorite of mine when Silverware Golem was released, so I am absolutely ecstatic that Malchezaar’s Imp is releasing this Thursday. It adds an interesting and surprisingly fun win condition for Warlock that it has rarely seen, being to get value off of Discard mechanics, but also cycle through your deck quickly while maintaining a hand of 3-4 cards or less at all times. It will be a challenge that all players should have fun with, and honestly, I think it will see a surprising amount of play.

Honestly this card was overhyped. At first it seemed incredibly broken, and everyone was organizing the funeral pyre upon which Mill Rogue was to be put to rest, until we realized he’s really not that good. He puts 5 mostly dead draws into your deck, and they even conform to your class, so pulling Tirion Fordring in a Tempo Mage deck is unfortunately not possible. However, the sheer joy that one might feel from randomly pulling a Ragnaros out of your deck to win the game might just be the best thing in the game, and the best part is there is no way to expect it.

It’s a relatively simple idea. Tempo Mage usually runs a secret of some kind, be it Mirror Entity or even Effigy if you’re feeling it. My point is, secrets are not difficult to weave into a Tempo Mage deck, or even something like Freeze or Reno Mage. This card is definitely not to be played on Tempo. It’s nearly impossible to play this early game and on curve and still get value from it – I almost call it a situational Forgotten Torch, in the sense that it can be used early for more value, but is also a valuable late game tool that can even win you the game on occasion.