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Match Prediction: kev - Aurora | Dota 2

Elite League: Swiss Stage
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All predictions: MillyJakow
Aurora Will win
(Autotranslate. Original: RU)

Aurora is the 28th team in the world ranking. Not the most stable performance in the qualifications. For example, at DreamLeague Season 23 they managed to qualify by taking the only slot. But at the qualifications for ESL One Birmingham 2024 they fell from the 8th place. Maybe they didn't want to get there too much, but nevertheless they made some doubts in themselves. PGL Wallachia Season 1 and Elite League got a direct invite.

kev is a random stack from the Chinese region that made it to the tournament only due to the complete lack of competition since all the top players from the region were already invited.

kev somehow managed to beat pandas there of course, but I can't say it's a great achievement in this day and age. I think Aurora will outplay them.

I'm a prognosticator, that's what I do for a living. I devote all my time to it. No other interests.

I have been doing this for quite a long time and have achieved some success. It's up to everyone to believe me or not. But why not give it a try? Maybe you like this kind of life too!

Prediction: Aurora wins!

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All predictions: NikitkaFLZ
Handicap +1.5 (kev)
(Autotranslate. Original: RU)

I will make a prediction for the match between KEV and Aurora in the Elite League tournament, the teams won only once and lost twice. Thus, the winner of today's match goes to the basket 2-2 and the loser is eliminated.

KEV is a mix of Chinese players who were gathered under different qualifications and they managed to qualify for the Elite League. I don't expect much from this squad, they don't reach the point where they can compete even with 2-2 teams from different regions. Their ceiling is some closed qualifications and that's all.

Specifically on this tournament, they lost without much idea against nouns and PSG Quest by 0:2, managed to win only 9Pandas, there were tight 3 maps. It's obvious that they don't know what to play, they managed to win the first one with "pandas" and just almost the same draft on the second one: Sven, Dragon Knight, Tidehunter, Shadow Demon, but it doesn't work that way, In the third one they managed to realise Phantom Lancer from flyfly and Death Prophet for old eLeVeN.

KEV composition: flyfly, ButterflyEffect, old eLeVeN, imitator, Undyne.

Aurora - during DreamLeague decided to try to test Lorenof instead of Armel, and then they officially signed him after the top 8. Their results at this championship are still questionable, losing to Nigma Galaxy (1:2), Heroic (0:2), the only win against Virtus.pro (2:0). In terms of draft picks: Faceless Void/Morphling on kerry, Dragon Knight in mid, Razor/Dragon Knight for Jabz in offlane. On sapports, Rubick/Grimstroke from QQ and Elder Titan/Crystal Maiden for Oli. I can see them flexing Dragon Knight in mid and offlane. Just playing drafts so far, nothing stable yet.

Aurora roster: 23savage, Lorenof, Jabz, QQ, Oli

More predictions and analytics on Dota 2 in Telegram - t.me/nikitaflz1dota

Prediction and analysis for KEV vs Aurora:

Both teams show mediocre play, can't find optimal draft picks. Of course more faith in Aurora, but they may well fill 1 card. I don't believe in KEV winning the series at all, it seems to me that some cards are intentionally leaked there. I would consider the Total More than 2.5 on cards for conditional odds of 1.88.

Yes, the bookies don't believe in KEV - 3.30 on them and 1.30 on Aurora. It's basic roulette here between 2-0 by Aurora or +1.5 on KEV. I'll still believe in 1 roll from the Chinese for 1.77, I think they'll surprise on at least one card in the drafts. It's easier to draw +1.5 than 0:2, but again, it's a complete roulette with these Chinese.

Prediction: KEV will beat Aurora on one card (+1.5) at odds of 1.77.

All predictions: EGWxxxBOT

Bookmakers & Statistics


All bookmakers have agreed that Aurora is the favorite. This can be noticed because odds on them are 1.41. This number in the favor of kev amounts 2.798. Respectively, the last ones are the underdogs of the upcoming match.

What the team performance statistics say

Last Matcheskev Aurora
5 matches (wins)25
10 matches (wins)57

Also it makes sense to remember the statistics of the matches between the teams. The competitors have held 0 matches. And kev won 0 times while Aurora correspondingly became the winner 0 times.

kev vs Aurora: Betting TIp, Match Prediction. 03.04.24. Dota 2, Elite League: Swiss Stage

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