Match Prediction: MooN team - No Bounty Hunter | Dota 2

We're talking about European Pro League Season 4 again, a tournament where teams of the TIR-2 level, and sometimes lower, play for $20,000. We are still in the group stage, slowly crossing the equator.

Luna Gaming and No Bounty Hunter will play in the next Bo3 match of the single group stage. The teams will fight for the points needed to qualify for the playoffs.

Letting out a “mediocre” sign does not scare you: at the end of The International and before the start of the 2023 DPC season, we will review local tournaments that are not without their charm. At least they give a lot of emotions, but positive or not the most - this remains to be seen.

Let's figure out who will be stronger in the Luna Gaming vs. No Bounty Hunter fight and earn important points for further success at the event.

Uniform Luna Gaming

Luna Gaming will play as the favorite in this match. The team's chance of winning is estimated by a coefficient around 1.4.

Such a confident coefficient indicator suggests an unequivocal thought - Luna Gaming is a clear favorite. Is it so? Rather yes than no.

Although Luna Gaming is actually a “fresh” team, its players have been on the competitive scene for a long time. I won't say that they achieved any worthwhile results, but they're not playing for the first day.

In the title leagues of the DPC type, they did not play as a whole, but they have a very interesting feature. So, for example, having a completely Russian roster, the team, despite the ping, played in the American event EPL World Series: America.

Luna Gaming roster

  • Koma
  • chambl
  • limitless
  • [T]SA
  • deihra

As we can see, Luna Gaming's roster is very combative, and players are often well-known.

We single out the three Koma, Limitless and [T]SA. The first in a short career has played for Unique, Winstrike, Chicken Fighters and Pari Parni, which is pretty solid for a 19-year-old player.

Limitless was remembered for playing B8 and HellRaisers, and European Alliance was the last club. Experience speaking, though not for the most successful, but a large organization will not go anywhere.

[T]SA was not in Alliance and other "grands", but played for Winstrike, B8 and Team Empire, which, however, forms a good track record.

Luna Gaming Performance

Speaking of club performance, it is worth returning to the American event that I mentioned above. Recently, Luna Gaming played as part of the EPL World Series: America, which was held in parallel with The International.

It's no surprise that there wasn't much attention to the tournament, but it is essentially in the same category as the current EPL Season 4 (organized by the same EPL).

There the team took second place, which, given their location, can be called a good result. Having returned to their “homeland”, Luna Gaming began their performance at EPL Season 4 “medium”.

  • Defeated Water Rune Enjoyer 2-0
  • Lost to Ooredoo Thunders 0-2

In fact, now Luna Gaming are “at zero”. In order to succeed in the future, and they need it, given that there will be no Luna Gaming at major events in the near future, they need to score points here and now. Moreover, the default opponent is suitable.

Heroes of Luna Gaming

In patch 7.32, Luna is played quite meta. The team uses Marci (19 matches, 31% wins), Primal Beast (15 matches, 40% wins), Beastmaster (13 matches, 69% wins), Tiny (13 games, 46% wins), Leshrac (12 matches) in their games, 50% of wins).

No Bounty Hunter Form

In the status of catching up, No Bounty Hunter will suit this match. The chance of their victory is estimated by a coefficient in the region of 2.6.

As mentioned above, there is one clear favorite in this match and it is not No Bounty Hunter. However, I would not write off the factor of the tournament and the frequent instability of its participants.

However, speaking of No Bounty Hunter, here we are likely to see the logical outcome of the match. If we talked about teams as separate entities, recalling the gaming experience within the framework of large events and so on, then yes, No Bounty Hunter would look much brighter.

Now No Bounty Hunter is a 100% mix.

Line-up No Bounty Hunter

  • Shad
  • adz
  • kAAN
  • Speedy
  • Flash

Out of the five, let's designate 2 players. These are Shad and kAAN. It is this duality that pulls on the status of the “main engine” of the team.

The first very solid tier-2 player to have been on at their peak, as well as Into The Breach and EU Rejects, earning around $73,000 during his career.

The second is the cornerstone of No Bounty Hunter. Romanian kAAN is eternal, as are the attempts to make NOBH a top team, continuing from 2020.

No Bounty Hunter results

If Luna Gaming can boast of pretty good results for their level, then No Bounty Hunter has a much smaller track record. In fact, it doesn't exist.

Once, under the leadership of kAAN, the team played in the second DPC division of Western Europe, but that was a long time ago and not true. Having taken off from there from 8th place, No Bounty Hunter rushed into the abyss of eternal local championships, playing at events like Summer Wave, D2CL Season 15 and others.

There was a “breakthrough” last season of the European Pro League. The team made it to the TOP-6, which is already an indicator.

Things are going much worse this season.

  • 2-1 victory over WRE
  • Lost to YNT 1-2
  • Lost to NO SORRY with a score of 0-2
  • Lost to Ooredoo Thunders 2-0
  • Lost to IVY 0-2

The team is in the penultimate place and it seems that the upcoming match will not change the deplorable situation of the team much.

Heroes of Luna Gaming

Like the majority, they play meta, choosing characters from the most popular ones at The International. Listed Marci (22 matches, 40% wins), Tiny (17 matches, 35% wins), Lycan (16 matches, 68% wins), Faceless Void (16 matches, 50% wins), Dazzle (14 games, 64% wins) winnings).

History of personal confrontations

Previously, the teams did not meet each other in official matches.

Match outcome

In this fight, I completely trust the bookmakers. No Bounty Hunter is played insofar as Luna Gaming have quite specific merits, though not massive ones.

Also, I am much more impressed by the roster of the first, both in terms of synergy and names. You can finish with the performance and morale of NBH. It seems that after 4 defeats in a row, you should not expect much from them.

Result: Luna Gaming won with a score of 2-0.

At the moment, the majority of bookmakers unanimously see the team MooN team as the favorite of the game with average odds on a victory in the sum of 1.325. No Bounty Hunter chances to prevail are evaluated with average odds 3.1 by bookmakers.

What the team performance statistics say

Last MatchesLuna Gaming No Bounty Hunter
5 matches (wins)33
10 matches (wins)45

It will also be necessary to mention the history of face-to-face meetings between the opponents. The competitors have held 0 matches. In these battles Luna Gaming got 0 victories while No Bounty Hunter managed to take 0 matches.