Topson (Topias Miikka Taavitsainen) - T1

Original name: Topias Miikka Taavitsainen
Country: Finland
Team: T1

Topias Miikka «Topson» Taavitsainen is one of the best gamers in the competitive Dota 2. His unique play style and deep understanding of the game let Topson become a two-time world champion. Let us take a look at the way Topson became an esportsman.

Beginning of Career

Topson started to pursue a career in esports a long time before he got to the professional stage. He has been playing computer games since he was 8 years old. It is not surprising that they affected his choice of his future career.

The first team that Topson represented at the official match was SFTe-sports. There the future champion spent 2 months, from August till October 2017. He did not achieve any significant result and left the team. Two months later, he was taken by the Finnish roster called 5 Anchors No Captain. He played for the team for three months and then he took a break from the competitive Dota. His rest did not last long. In June 2018, N0tail got in contact with Topson and offered him to try himself in OG. When he agreed, he changed his life entirely and permanently. 

First Championship

Topson joined OG in June 2018. The team had only several weeks to get prepared for participation in the open qualifiers. They managed to fix their gaming and go through hell. At the closed qualifier, Topson and OG did not find any worthy opponent. The team got to The International 2018. Making it to The International, Topson and OG got a second wind which helped them beat all TOP teams in the world and win at the final.

On 25 August 2018, Topson won his first tournament which was The International 2018. This success was unknown in Dota before. But the thing that happened the next year was even more fantastic.

Second Championship and Individual Awards

The Topson and OG spent the next year relaxed. The team was reluctant to participate in championships and demonstrated mediocre results. Topson and the team took second place at WePlay! Dota 2 Winter Madness, 5-6 place at The Bucharest Minor, 3 place at ESL One Katowice 2019, 5-6 place at StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor Season 1, 5-6 place at MDL Disneyland Paris Major, and also 7-8 at EPICENTER Major 2019.

The reigning champions were approaching The International 2019 not in their best shape. But everything changed when the tournament starter. At TI9, the team and Topson in particular started to play with incredible power. They passed the group stage literally with no mistakes and they met worthy opposition at the playoff only when they started to play in the upper bracket. Topson and OG won the grand final in a bit more than one hour.   выиграли чуть больше чем за час. This way Topson won his second tournament which was The International 2019.

Topias is a unique gamer that has a 100% win rate at the main championship in Dota2. He is the first and only two-time TI champion. In his career, he has already earned over 5,424,000 dollars of prize money.