Fly (Tal Aizik) -

Original name: טל אייזיק
Country: Israel

Tal «Fly» Aizik is one of the most experienced captains in competitive Dota. Fly started his career in another discipline where he also was a captain. He managed to use his knowledge and experience to coordinate the best teams of the world. Let us explore the way Fly became an esportsman.

Beginning of career

Like the majority of esportsmen, Tal started his way in the industry when he began to visit computer clubs. WHen he was a child, he was fond of competitive games, especially those that belong to the MOBA genre. The first discipline for Fly was HoN. After closing the servers of HoN, the gamer chose a more promising game – Dota 2.

The first Dota 2 team for Aizik was Fnatic.EU. Fly joined the organization in March 2012. He was a gamer at Fnatic.EU till August 2014 and in this period of time he achieved great results. The team took 7-8 place at The International 2013 winning Netolic Pro League #4 West, and also demonstrated great results at minor championships. Fly left the team after 13-14 places at The International 2014.

The next Aizik’s club was Secret. Fly joined Secret in August 2014. There he took 3-4 place at ELS One New York 2014, second place at StarLadder Star Series Season 10, 3 place at The Summit 2. In Puppey’s team, he won XMG Captains Draft 2.0. But these two captains could not find peace in one roster so in December 2014 Fly left Team Secret.

In January 2015, Fly became a gamer of MeePwn’D’s mix but he did not play there for a long time. In May 2015, the esportsman became a gamer of CompLexity Gaming but after several failed tournaments including TI 2015 leaving Col.

In August 2015, Aizik and N0tai founded their own organization (monkey) Business that would consequently turn into OG.

OG and Worldwide Fame

Fly became an OG player in October 2015. When OG appeared on the world Dota 2 stage, the division of powers was dramatically changed. The European roster got into shape very fast and became one of the most dangerous opponents. One month after founding the roster later, OG became the champions of The Frankfurt Major 2015. Playing at the tournament one rank lower, OG was performing not at full capacity. Their strength was shown in June 2016 when the gamers became the champions of The Manila Major 2016. In that month, the team won ESL One Frankfurt 2016. At The International 2016, the roster was destroyed and took 9-12 place.

After the failure at TI6, the team went through the situation and in December 2016 the gamers became the champions at The Boston Major 2016. In April 2017, Fly brought OG to the fourth champion’s title at the major tournament. Fly and his team won The Kiev Major 2017. TI7 met the team giving the gamers a favourite status. Indeed, at TI the team did not show the expected level of gaming and got kicked out of the championship getting placed on 7-8 position. Fly could not recover after the failure at the second world championship. He left OG in May 2018. The next club for the Israeli gamer was EG.

EG and Individual Achievements

Fly became a member and captain of EG in May 2018. Right after that, the team got to The International 8 where they got to the third position. Later the team took 5-6 place at ESL One Hamburg 2018, 3 place at The Kuala Lumpur Major 2018 and Chongqing Major 2019. Also, the team headed by Aizik took 3 place at MDL Disneyland Paris Major in May 2019. The team demonstrated stability but it was not enough to win TI9. Fly and the team took 5-6 place. Later they took 4 position at MDL Chengdu Major and also played at several smaller tournaments. The last significant result before the beginning of the pandemic for Fly and EG became second place at DreamLeague Season 13.

In his career, Fly earned over 2,399,000 dollars of prize money. Along with N0tail, he is the first player who won four tournaments held by Valve.