Cr1t- (Andreas Franck Nielsen) -

Original name: Andreas Franck Nielsen
Country: Denmark

Andreas «Cr1t-» Franck Nielsen is one of the best gamers on the competitive Dota 2 stage. This is a representative of the Danish Dota 2 school who has managed to approve himself as a high class performer on the support position. Let us take a look at the way Cr1t- was formed as an esportsman.

Beginning of Career

Like most famous esportsmen, the esportsman’s way to the competitive stage started long before he got to the professional organization. In his early childhood, he spent a lot of time in computer clubs playing competitive games, the first version of Dota in particular.

The first club for Cr1t- was Gamers University. Cr1t- played there in June 2012, after that he moved to We haz Asian. As a member of We haz Asian, Andreas spent several months there. In November 2012, Cr1t- moved to H2k Gaming. Having achieved no significant results, Cr1t- returned to We haz Asian. The second transfer to the club was not successful. One month later he left the team and became a part of DD.Dota

The gamer did not stay in DD.Dota for a long time. Three months later, he left the team and moved to Lions Pride. His performance as a Lion was not smooth. Two months after his transfer, Cr1t- no longer was a part of the team. In June 2013, he passed to Team Life.

He played in Team Life Cr1t- for 3 months. There he could not find his game style and left the team and joined Mousesports.

Mousesports and His Search

Cr1t- passed to Mousesports in October 2013. This team participated in Tier-3 tournaments including Netolic Pro League, EIZO Cup, Bigpoint Battle, and others. Nevertheless, participation in minor championships and leagues helped Cr1t- make the world talk about him. Then his position was prominent and the esports community started to respect the player.

Cr1t- did not want to continue playing at minor championship. Therefore, in January 2014 he no longer was a part of Mousesports and returned to Team Life. Moving back to the former organization did not help him achieve the desired results. One month of playing in Team Life later the gamer passed to Meet Your Makers. Andreas played for the European organization from February till July 2014. The next club was Stay Free but there the gamer could not find the right position for himself.

In autumn 2014, Cr1t- played for hehe united but moved to Lianghao as his results there did not satisfy the esportsman. Having played there for less than a month, the gamer left the team. The next club was (monkey) Business that eventually turned into OG.

OG and First Success

Cr1t- was an OG gamer in October 2015. Almost immediately the team became one of the strongest clubs in Europe. In November 2015, Cr1t- won his first major tournament – The Frankfurt Major 2015. Six months later, OG became the champions at The Manila Major and ESL One Frankfurt 2016. Also they took second place at The Summit 5.

The team presented itself as a favourite at the moment when they became participants in The International 2016. Unfortunately, the fans of the team were very disappointed when the team failed at the main tournament of the year and took 9-12 place. After the failure at TI, Cr1t- left the team. In September 2016, Cr1t- joined the American organization Evil Geniuses.

EG and Individual Achievements

Having become a member of EG, Cr1t- almost immediately won the first championship in the new roster. It was Mars Dota 2 League 2016 Autumn. In December 2016, he and his team took 3-4 place at The Boston Major 2016, and in April 2017, 3-4 place at The Kiev Major 2017.

In May 2017, Cr1t- and his team won The Manila Masters. The team failed at The International 2017 taking a sensational position - 9-12 place.

After the failure at the main tournament of the year in 2017, the team was changed but Cr1t- remained a skeleton of the roster. The following season did not stand out with big victories for Cr1t- but it was rather stable for EG. At TI8, Andreas’ team was one of the main favourites. They partially proved their status taking third place at the event. The rest of the season was not so fruitful but EG still was a Tier-1 team and tough opponent. At TI9, the team took 5-6 place. After that, EG took second place at DreamLeague Season 13.

In his career, Andreas earned over 2,005,000 dollars as prize money.