eClub Brugge CS:GO team

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Game statistics of Club Brugge in the last matches:

The number of victories in the last 10 matches: 4 (40%).

Club Brugge played 33 matches over the last 3 months and won 14 matches - 43%.
Over the past year, Club Brugge played 162 matches and achieved victory in 73 matches - 46%.

All fans of the team Club Brugge should remember the following date - 04.06.2023. At this time, Club Brugge will face in the match with mastermix123 at the championship ESL Benelux Championship Season 15.

In the last match, which took place on 27.05.2023, Club Brugge played with the team ZURIA. The match was hosted at the tournament CCT North Europe Series 5 Closed Qualifier.

In this match, the fortune was on the side of ZURIA who beat the opponent with a result of 2:1.

Club Brugge demonstrated a solid play in the recent matches with a score of victories, which amounted 80% (won 4 matches out of 5).

What is the current roster of eClub Brugge CS:GO
In last matches for eClub Brugge played: Markoś Stev0se n0tice swiiffter simix
When is the umcoming match for eClub Brugge CS:GO
Schedule of the next matches eClub Brugge:
04 June 2023 - 12:30 (UTC) vs mastermix123
What is the nearest tournament with the participation of eClub Brugge CS:GO
Upcoming tournaments eClub Brugge will play in:

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