Even top teams in the discipline CS:GO have ups and downs in their play. Knowing the performance statistics of AVEZ in the last matches, their chances to succeed in the nearest match can be evaluated more exactly, which will help fans of betting to choose the right result.

Game statistics of AVEZ in the last matches:

Victories in the recent 5 matches: 1 (20%).
Victories in the recent 10 matches: 3 (30%).

AVEZ played 31 matches over the last 3 months and won 16 matches - 52%.
Over the past year, AVEZ played 39 matches and achieved victory in 18 matches - 47%.

AVEZ will play the nearest match with the team Coming soon at the tournament Coming soon on Coming soon.

The tournament Forward Cup: Closed Qualifier was a place for the last match of AVEZ. At the above-mentioned event, AVEZ played a match against the team LeoGaming, which was carried out on 10.12.2022.

The team LeoGaming won that match with a score of 2:1.

In the last matches, AVEZ were showing an unstable play with the general winrate of 20%% (1 victory(victories) out of 5).

What is the current roster of AVEZ CS:GO
In last matches for AVEZ played: next1me xenq bonjorno moonwalk cej0t
When is the umcoming match for AVEZ CS:GO
Information about the upcoming AVEZ matches is currently unavailable. Stay tuned on EGamersWorld
What is the nearest tournament with the participation of AVEZ CS:GO
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