NiKo (Nikola Kovač) - G2 Esports

Original name: Nikola Kovač
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Team: G2 Esports

Marcelo «coldzera» David is one of the brightest representatives of the Brazilian Counter-Strike. Marcelo has become the best players multiple times. During his long-standing career, he has become the champion at various prestigious world-class tournaments. We call your attention to coldzera’s history as one of the most prominent players of the modernity.

Beginning of Career

Like many of his peers, Marcelo started to play computer games when he was a little child. Since an early age, he has been showing excellent gaming skills. It is not a surprise that Marcelo instantly wanted to pursue a career in competitive gaming, Counter-Strike, in particular.

The first team coldzera was playing for was vTi. Having played there for a while, Marcelo started to change clubs. After vTi, he managed to play for the Brazilian Insight, Infernus Gaming, and GamerHouse. In April 2013, the gamer joined Afterall Gaming that had been earlier represented by his future teammate, fer. Having achieved no significant results there, coldzera continued to look for the team. After he left Afterall Gaming, the gamer got to SemXorah. But there the gamer was not able to achieve any top of the competitive Counter-Strike. Following SemXorah, the player moved to GoldenGlory and, after that, he became a player of Baixissimo Nivel. There coldzera also could not get top results. The next club for the gamer was Dexterity Team. Eleven months of playing for DT later, coldzera joined Luminosity Gaming.

First Success

Luminosity Gaming became a starting point for the gamer. This very team helped coldzera to become the world-class champion for the first time. Playing for Luminosity, Marcelo became the triumphant of the MLG Major Championship: Columbus 2016 world championship and the champion of the prestigious ESL Pro League Season 3 – Finals. Even though the results were satisfactory the gamer with his teammates decided to change the organization. The new shelter for Marcelo was the German organization SK Gaming

SK Gaming and MIBR

Playing for SK Gaming, Marcelo only cemented his position. He became the world champion again in July 2016 at ESL One: Cologne 2016 and also got the champion title at other five major tournaments. Having played for SK Gaming for 2 years, coldzera joined MIBR.

After moving to the Brazilian organization, his results worsened. Together with the team, Marcelo became a championship only once at ZOTAC Cup Masters 2018. In September 2019 coldzera got inactive and, after that, he became a gamer of FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan and Individual Awards

Having joined the European roster of superstars, coldzera got new colours. He helped the team to become the champion at Blast Pro Series: Copenhagen 2019.

In his rich career, Marcelo has won over 980 000 dollars of prize money. Also, the gamer has got numerous individual awards. He became the best world gamer twice according to HLTV, in 2016 and 2017. He got an award as the best esportsman in 2016 at The Game Awards 2016. The same year brought him also the title of the best PC gamer of the year according to eSports Industry. Marcelo became MVP eight times including two Major tournaments. Marcelo deserved the right to be one of the best gamers in the history of Counter-Strike.