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How to become a CS:GO pro player?

How to become a CS:GO pro player?

So you've decided to become a professional eSports athlete and nothing can stop you from pursuing this goal. Or you are considering this career because you have a strong connection to Counter-Strike. In any case, this guide will show you a right path to eSports glory. In fact, no one knows the perfect path to an eSports career as it is only up to you to personally discover and explore it. These thoughts and ideas can give you new insights into the Top Players section and boost your progress.

develop skills

You shall love CS:GO and be an efficient player. Practice a lot and constantly try new things or new profitable parameters in the game. Find your weaknesses and do whatever you can to overcome them. Find your strengths and work even harder on them to reach that level of perfection. Consistency is key here. That doesn't mean you should play without breaks. Regular gaming sessions should be matched with regular breaks to keep you from burnout.

Adjust the game to your needs

The usual state of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a perfect starting point for most players. However, as you progress, some aspects of the game may feel awkward. Perhaps the mouse settings create unnecessary obstacles in the CS:GO gameplay, the crosshairs are not the right color and size, or the computer performance does not allow you to use your full potential.

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Many of these inconveniences can be resolved through the game's settings menu, launch options, or console commands. The ultimate goal of this process is to find the perfect optimal state while playing and not constantly making changes.

Learn from the best

Watch professional eSports tournaments and be sure to learn different tricks from best CSGO players. It's not the same as reading manuals and watching tutorials. In the CS:GO everything happens too fast to explain every detail, but if you know the game well you will feel the level of each episode. Don't try to follow a specific team. Watch different matches to learn from all possible playstyles. Listen to the post-game commentary and analysis to not miss anything important and to remember the most brilliant moments, they can provide very good CS:GO tips. Be careful about comparing yourself with others extensively. Everyone is unique and you cannot simply be a copy of someone else. Watch tournaments and turn that knowledge into amazing practical skills.

get social

Being part of an esports organization means being in the spotlight. Fans want to interact directly with pro gamers, so create your Twitter or Instagram account and start sharing your thoughts on the CS:GO eSports scene and your own achievements with your peers. Don't expect to be on day two of your social Activity win fans. In the initial stages, your goal is to find like-minded people and attract the attention of industry figures. The former will help you form a team. The second option gives you several options. Maintain social contacts as professionally as possible. Too much personal information can ruin your reputation.

stream games

Let people see you play. Your streams on Twitch or YouTube will build your initial following and attract the attention of industry professionals.

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Stream only some of your games. The goal is to build a career, not become a streamer. Commentating on the game for viewers could distract you from the process. Make a stream schedule and stick to it. It's important to look good both in front of the camera and in virtuality. Customize your wow appearance with the most beautiful cosmetic items, it's quite a powerful tool to impress the viewers. If you don't have anything awesome in your inventory, buy CS:GO skins.

Earn in CS:GO

You have to invest many hours in the game before you will really be able to earn as an esports pro. Also, you have to invest quite a bit of money in your equipment before a team and sponsors will buy anything for you. But you can start earning something for it right from the start. Activate advertising on your YouTube channel. You must have a lot of views to make good money from advertising. If you play a lot, you'll already have your inventory filled with skins that you don't actually use, so they can be turned into cash. It is an important step to earn in the game. After all, this opportunity separates the professionals from the amateurs.

find team

You cannot win tournaments with random people. You have to play with the same teammates over and over again in order to develop perfect harmony in communication and bring different strategies into the matches where everyone is in their place and knows what to do. CS:GO is not a single player game. Your team may change in the future, but you will have the valuable experience of being a team player.

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