World of Warcraft now offers Money for other Blizzard titles in Exchange for In-game Currency.

World of Warcraft is not unfamiliar with the idea of an exchange system involving in-game currency. Tokens were a mechanic introduced a couple of years ago that allowed players to use these to buy gold in game, or even to renew subscriptions without having to pay the monthly cost. This allowed the scene’s more hardcore players to fund their own methods of playing the game, and many saw it as an incredibly healthy progression of the game and its currency system, especially since it actually gave the monetary value for in-game currency a purpose.

Now, almost two years later, those tokens that players have spent all this time amassing have another use for them aside from more gold and subscriptions – actual Battlenet currency. This can be used in their other games that offer in-game purchases, including Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, and Overwatch. This is a great way of not only providing more options for Token use, but also of promoting their other games. As this especially applies to World of Warcraft players, there are a lot of people who play a single Battlenet game, and don’t pay much, if any, attention to the other equally as awesome games that Blizzard provides. Players who feel that they have spent too much time with WoW to back out now or try to get into something new now have a reason to, and can easily boost their progression using this system.

Tokens in-game cost $20 USD regularly, so buying one and converting it into Battlenet funds is far from worth it, as that wasn’t the intended use.