MIBR raised funds to fight coronavirus

Brazilian esports organization MIBR, part of the Immortals Gaming Club, hosted a charity stream on Twitch. The purpose of the broadcast was to raise funds to fight the coronavirus. The money received (a total of $ 11.5 thousand was collected) will be sent to the public organization CUFA (Center of the Favelas), which helps patients with COVID-19 in Brazil.

Brazil is still hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, registering more than 420,000 deaths to date since the start of the pandemic in the country and still saving more than 2,000 deaths on average every day. The situation is especially acute among people with economic and demographic problems, on which CUFA is oriented. It is in poor areas that residents cannot receive quality medical care.

Note that the online event from the MIBR organization was held on Twitch and lasted more than nine hours. During this time, many players and streamers have become guests of the broadcast, including the popular caster Gaules, as well as e-sportsmen from MIBR. The peak online airtime was 66 thousand viewers.