Streamcoi enters into partnership with The Esports Club

Indian esports platform The Esports Club has announced a partnership with the Streamcoi platform.

As a result of this agreement, The Esports Club will use Steamcoi's solutions to automate streamer branding management. In addition, the obtained technologies will help monetize the live broadcasts of the platform partners.

Iskhan Arya, co-founder of The Esports Club, commented on the partnership as follows:“Consulting and marketing services are a big vertical for us. We specialize in creating long-term partnerships that are in the best interests of both our brand partners and, of course, content creators. We only work with a carefully curated list of streamers to provide maximum value to our partners, and we are always looking at creating exciting new campaigns. This partnership with Streamcoi ensures that we can continue to innovate and create unparalleled value for partners throughout 2021. "

According to a press release, The Esports Club platform currently consists of nearly 20 streamers ranging from esports players to content creators. The platform provides businesses with the ability to connect to their streamer network to increase brand awareness.

Interestingly, along with its streamer portfolio, The Esports Club hosts tournaments in various esports disciplines, including VALORANT, CS: GO and Call of Duty: Mobile.

The partnership is also expected to provide The Esports Club with additional engagement opportunities, such as providing partners with “brand and product messages” in daily live broadcasts to help increase the visibility and effectiveness of advertising campaigns.