Newzoo merges with eStar Victory Five Esports Group

Newzoo has signed a strategic partnership with Chinese esports company eStar Victory Five Esports Group (ESVF). Newzoo will provide data support for ESVF's overseas expansion, while ESV5 will provide information and expertise to Newzoo's Chinese esports industry.

Mario Ho, Chairman of the ESVF and President of the Macao Esports Association, and Newzoo CEO Peter Warman were introduced and commented on in a video about the deal. Ho described this partnership as an important milestone in the company's international expansion.

Founded in Wuhan last year, ESVF is a joint venture between Chinese esports organization eStar Gaming and Victory Five (V5). eStar Gaming was widely known in Honor of Kings as, and in League of Legends as eStar. Both organizations also own franchised slots in the League of Legends Pro League (LPL).