Banco do Brasil Launches Esports Tournament Series

Banco do Brasil, one of the major banks in Latin America, has launched its own eSports event - the BB Game Series, which will feature Hearthstone, League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) and Clash Royale tournaments, originally targeting on the student scene. The series partner will be Visa.

The prize fund of the series will be $ 17,000. The tournament starts on April 3 with open qualifiers, for which eligible players who regularly study in undergraduate or postgraduate courses can register from March 10. Open qualifiers are specifically designed to show regional rivalry. The last game of the student stage is scheduled for June 24th.

During the tournament will meet the company to promote eSports Gaming Culture and Monumenta agency. Open qualifiers can be streamed for free on the participating teams' own channels. The games will then be streamed via the Banco do Brasil Twitch channel.

The BB series is not Banco do Brasil's first foray into esports. The bank has been sponsoring various events since 2018, focusing mainly on CS: GO. The bank recently sponsored the women's VALORANT tournament, also organized by Gaming Culture. Banco do Brasil is also one of the owners of the digital bank Digio, which recently sponsored a Hearthstone tournament.