Bank accounts of LGD Gaming owner arrested

Earlier we talked about the fact that in January, the owner LGD Gaming Pan 'RuRu' Jie arrested by Chinese police in connection with the suspicious activity in the betting companies VPGame. There she also holds a leadership position. In the course of clarifying the circumstances, the police arrested the bank accounts of the company and about 20 board members in order to fully clarify the situation.

LGD Gaming owns the VPGame bookmaker, where users can place bets on various eSports matches. Bets were made using the virtual currency P-Coins. Initially, bookmakers accepted payment with skins from games, but later, after the restrictions imposed by Valve on in-game platforms, the administration of the bookmaker did not get confused and transferred the work to the aforementioned virtual glasses.

Due to the fact that P-Coins could be sold for real money, Chinese law decided to shut down the work of this company.

The increased secrecy of the ongoing investigation into the Pan Jie case does not reveal much information about the progress of the case. Some insiders have reported accusing VPGames management of creating an illegal trading network aimed at selling P-Coins to users and the mechanic of monetizing points. In addition, the bookmaker was found to be involved in the organization of fake matches.

Due to ongoing investigations by the Chinese police, many VPGame employees have suffered from not being paid for more than two months. It is possible that the police raid may affect the work of LGD Gaming.