Shopify opens its own esports organization

Shopify, a Canadian multinational e-commerce company, has launched its own competitive esports organization called Shopify Rebellion. Shopify CEO Toby Lutke tweeted that the new organization will immediately begin their journey into Starcraft 2.

Rebellion's launch coincides with news that the organization has already recruited some of the best in the scene, adding 2016 world champion Scarlett and Lambo.

Note that the CEO of Shopify is a longtime fan of Starcraft 2's esports component, which has been streamed on Twitch from time to time. Lutke also sponsored several major championships.

All of this comes after TLO was introduced to the esports space and Shopify fans as the company's new esports program manager last September.

It is worth saying that Starcraft 2 is undergoing a renaissance right now as Activision Blizzard partners with ESL and DreamHack to enable the two brands to manage and create esports discipline tournaments.