Astralis announced the beginning of a new era

The management of Astralis Group came to the conclusion that it is necessary to unite all the esports divisions into one brand - Astralis. According to the statement of the CEO of the aforementioned organization, Andreas Hörsholt, the club's management wants to devote all resources to creating a global brand around the red star (Astralis logo), which has ascended over esports. In this regard, all activities of each of the divisions will be carried out under the name Astralis.

As a reminder, the Astralis Group includes both the CS: GO roster of the same name and the League of Legends and FIFA division, previously named Origen and Future FC. Now LoL and FIFA players will also play under the Astralis banner. This decision, according to management, will help unite fans of all three divisions into one group, as well as simplify the distribution of merchandise and improve business opportunities.

Astralis Group was founded in 2016. After 3 years, the organization decided to sign contracts with players outside of CS: GO and expand its activities to three esports disciplines: Origen's LoL roster and Future FC's FIFA division joined Astralis Group.