BIG renews partnership with Streamcoi

German esports organization BIG has announced a renewed partnership with streaming management platform Streamcoi. After the two-year extension of the agreement, the German club will continue to use the platform to manage their content creators' broadcasts.

Daniel Finkler, CEO of BIG: "When we started our partnership with Streamcoi back in 2021, we were thrilled to have a tool that allowed us to capitalize on our presence on Twitch and turn it into value for our partners. There is a lot behind the product. a close-knit, customer-focused team that listened to all of our recommendations and needs, which is why we at BIG are excited to continue working with Streamcoi in the future!"

As a reminder, the parties first became partners in March last year, when BIG used the Streamcoi dashboard to measure statistics, manage a list of content creators, and consolidate active live campaigns. This agreement will extend the original partnership by two years.

Jakub Janaszek, Product Manager at Streamcoi: "The start of a technology collaboration is valuable, but it's only by developing it over the years that our tool has been proven to be effective. I'm very pleased with the trust that BIG placed in us a year ago, because without it we couldn't improve their marketing on Twitch and I believe we will make the job of managers and streaming services even easier within two years."

In addition, at the beginning of 2022 alone, BIG extended three partnership agreements with Backforce, die Bayerische and Volvic. In turn, Streamcoi recently teamed up with the Brazilian organization FURIA and the Swedish organization Alliance.