Operations Director of NAVI spoke about the future of the club

Oleksiy Kucherov, who is the operational director of the Ukrainian esports organization NAVI, spoke about the future of the club in an interview for the Dexerto portal.

At the moment, NAVI has two main areas: ensuring the smooth operation of the company, and helping those who are in Ukraine in all possible ways - including providing resettlement assistance, charity and demonstrating to the world what is happening in the country.

With some staff still seeking asylum and others joining the Ukrainian Territorial Defense Forces (including NAVI founder Oleksandr Kokhanovsky), the available staff are currently taking care of the top priorities for running the club.

Kucherov himself left the country with his family a few days before the start of the invasion, as he himself said, "just in case." Together with members of NAVI's financial and legal teams, he moved to another country - a solution that protects the company's interests in the event of an escalation.

We think about how best to act. We hope that the Russians will still be able to leave the country in the near future. Flights are canceled and it becomes incredibly difficult to let people out at the border. The situation with visas, whether new ones will be issued, is not very clear. The first few days the team was in complete shock, but now they began to understand that there were no other options.

Immediately after IEM Katowice 2022, the Ukrainian players of the NAVI CS:GO team stayed in Poland and settled in the center of Kinguin Esports, while the Russians went to their country.

At the same time, Kucherov stressed that some Russian players in the organization are "trying to escape the country while they still can," fearing what might happen next as the conflict drags on and may take other forms.

They are thinking about changing citizenship, if possible, because they already understand what awaits them in the near future.

As for the commercial side of NAVI's activities, all partners continue to support the organization.

Many partners understand and support us, for which we are very grateful to them. They know our approach to cooperation and are confident that everything will be fine in the future.

In addition, the COO of the club added that in the future NAVI intends to change its headquarters from Kyiv to another city/country. However, the team's performance at ESL Pro League Season 15 in Germany is currently on the agenda. If they can make the trip — NAVI is confident they will — it will be another opportunity for esports to send a message of unity and coexistence. And for the team to give their loyal supporters, especially in Ukraine, a reason to smile.