Team Liquid and Coinbase enter into four-year agreement

European esports organization Team Liquid has announced a four-year partnership with cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase. Over the next four years, the two companies will be collaborating on multiple projects and integrations, as well as developing technologies that will improve the overall experience for fans.

Team Liquid's official online store will also introduce crypto-based payment functionality integration.

A multi-faceted partnership agreement based on creating and delivering content that resonates with fans will allow Coinbase and Team Liquid to collaborate in a variety of ways.

Austin Schumacher, vice president of brand in Coinbase:"In Coinbase we have long believe that e-sports and games - it's the future of entertainment We share a culture of innovation and a strong sense of community - eSports and Team Liquid challenge what it means to be an athlete, and. are changing the way organizations communicate with fans. "

The Coinbase logo will be featured on the Team Liquid jerseys. In addition, Coinbase will add a range of themed experiences and capabilities to the Liquid + mobile app under development, as well as the organization's Scouting Combine, due out in Q1 next year.

Coinbase currently has over 40 million users and revenues in 2020 totaled over $ 1 billion. The well-known crypto firm also collaborates with a number of other esports organizations and championships. This year alone, Coinbase has partnered with esports organizations Evil Geniuses and BIG, as well as tournament operators ESL and BLAST.