The Chiefs Esports Club partners with JLINGZ Esports

Australian esports organization The Chiefs Esports Club has announced a partnership with Jesse Lingard's esports organization JLINGZ Esports. As a result of the deal, the parties will work together to expand their brands along with developing an academy for aspiring players.

Nick Bobir, Chiefs CEO: “This partnership will open up global opportunities for both clubs to truly connect with international fans. We are thrilled to combine esports and elite traditional sports. For us, this is a step towards bridging the gap between the two regions. and creating added value for teams, players and brands. "

The initial two-year partnership will focus on Rainbow Six: Siege, a discipline in which both organizations are represented in their respective regions, and collaboration with existing partners.

Jesse Lingard: "I am very excited about this partnership. Everyone knows that I want to compete at the highest level in everything I participate in and the Chiefs are winners in the esports space, so joining forces was an amazing opportunity."

Details of the academy will be revealed in the coming months, according to a press release. The Chiefs Esports Club and JLINGZ Esports will try to develop a clear path for players as well as a career lift for staff to break into the esports industry.