X7 Esports Announces Acquisition of Absolved

The Isle of Man-based organization X7 Esports has acquired the British organization Absolved. As a result of the deal, Absolved founder T.J. Harwood and manager Robin Cheng were named COO of X7 Esports and Head of League of Legends, respectively. Financial details of the deal were not disclosed.

TJ Harwood, COO, X7 Esports: “We did a very good job with the small team at Absolved and therefore pooling our resources, time and experience at X7 was the easiest decision for us to move forward and grow in a larger organization. the opportunity to work with the rest of the team, and I can't wait to see what we can achieve in the near future. I will make sure that the internal operations are done at a high level, as well as bring a lot of ideas and a new perspective that aligns with the vision of X7. "

The Absolved acquisition comes seven weeks after the organization acquired Bulldog Esports as part of a deal that made Anthony Newton its esports director. Due to the recent staff expansion, the organization also plans to expand its activities to other positions over the next 12 months.

X7 Esports is currently represented in the NLC, Nordic, UK and Ireland European Regional League in League of Legends. After the acquisition, X7 Esports will compete in the first division of the NLC, while a seat in the second division will be vacant.