Team Singularity Launches Fan Tokens via Blocksport

Danish esports organization Team Singularity has expanded its partnership with Swiss sports company Blocksport to launch fan-specific tokens. The new token, dubbed $ SNG, will provide many benefits to Team Singularity fans. This includes unique content, activations around the SNG Academy, and the opportunity to practice with Team Singularity players.

Vladimir Lyulka, CEO and Co-Founder of Blocksport:"We are delighted to expand our exclusive partnership with Team Singularity and launch the $ SNG token for fans. Team Singularity has a global and amazing community of fans. The token opens up a new world - an environment in which they have the opportunity be very close to your favorite players and team. "

According to the press release, token holders will also be offered "unique opportunities" to influence team-related decisions. Tokens will cost 1 euro and should be launched in December 2021. In total, three million tokens will be issued.

As a reminder, Team Singularity is already collaborating with Blocksport on some projects. In September, the parties have already launched the NFT collection. In addition, the organization launched a customized smartphone app with the company.

Team Singularity advised that those holding the tokens are being appointed to a decision-making position, with the organization even arguing that holders should be treated in a manner similar to the Board of Directors.