Immortals signed JonahP

Immortals has officially announced that it has signed a contract with JonahP. Thanks to this, the North American squad completed their roster before the start of the third split of VCT 2021.

JonahP first appeared on the professional scene last summer as part of the Dog Pound collective. The American player has established himself as a victory in the Valorant United Invitational, as well as getting into the TOP-2 at the Allied Esports Strafe Series. In the fall, JonahP received an offer from Complexity Gaming, with which he failed to prove himself in the best light, failing every tournament.

It is noteworthy that, being on a test basis, the American was unable to help his team in any way, which, despite the start of the new season, continued its peak to the very bottom. Nevertheless, JonahP had a very successful ending to the Complexity Gaming camp, as the team finished second at the Pittsburgh Knights Monthly Gauntlet - April, and also won the Community Gaming Premier Series # 2.

From now on, the roster of Immortals looks like this: