Final Level will host Rakin Cup with BBL support

Final Level entertainment platform and eSports promotion company Bad Boy Leeroy have partnered with Team Liquid player and streamer Rafael "Rakin" Knittel for the next Rakin Cup. The tournament will be split into three stages, one of which will be exclusive to women, featuring some of the main Brazilian teams like Gamelanders and VALORANT Masters including Team Vikings and Sharks.

Each stage will offer a $ 7.5K prize pool for a total of $ 22.5K for the entire event, which starts in June and ends in November. Live broadcasts will take place on the Knittel Twitch channel.

Note that the last Rakin Cup, which took place in October 2020, hoped to renegotiate a partnership agreement with Unilever OMO Sports. However, this year Unilever OMO Sports did not renew the agreement for the tournament. However, the event received endorsements from Riot Games and featured its graphic identity created by agency Mad Monkey, which also has its own brand featured in promotional material alongside BBL and Final Level.