Rumor: Team Heretics will sign four newcomers

Team Heretics is preparing to sign four newcomers at once. This is reported by the well-known British journalist and insider Halo, citing numerous sources close to the situation. Note that rumors about the future of the team have been circulating for a long time. Now, insiders confirm that the new Team Heretics will include ardiis, paTiTek, al0rante and MONSTEERR. At the same time, loWel will become the only player who has retained a seat from the previous roster.

The champions of First Strike Europe and VCT 2021: Europe Stage 1 Challengers 2 were having a hard time this spring. It all started after the defeat in the VCT 2021 Grand Final: Europe Stage 1 Masters from Acend (2: 3). Since then, the team has failed several qualifications and tournaments, finally quarreling. As a result, at the beginning of May, the team's roster had already left RUBINO, while the fate of the remaining Team Heretics members remained in question.

It is reported that the updated lineup will be led by ardiis and paTiTek, who currently play for G2. Interestingly, the latest insights from neL indicate that the Spanish organization does not intend to part with its players, having decided to invite a new captain. The third newcomer may be al0rante, who is known for his performances for Volvo Peek. Rounding out the line-up is MONSTEERR, which appeared in the LDN UTD camp.

The possible composition of Team Heretics is as follows: