Cloud9 White parted ways with Keiti

Cloud9 White, the women's team at Cloud9, has announced its separation from Keiti. Interestingly, the 19-year-old American joined the team just a month ago. Keiti's future will be announced shortly.

Keiti became part of Cloud9 White, replacing Jazzyk1ns. She quickly became the statistical leader of the team, showing confident play in several tournaments in a row. Together with her, Cloud9 White not only qualified for VCT 2021: Game Changers North America Series 1, but also won the championship, earning $ 20,000 thanks to a 3-0 victory over Counter Logic Gaming Red.

Note that before joining Cloud9 White, the 19-year-old American played for little-known bands such as Team Kephrii and Emy & Friends. In addition to winning the VCT 2021: Game Changers North America Series 1, Keiti also has a victory in the ANEW Valorant Women's Open.

Note that soon Cloud9 White will begin its path as part of the qualification for the VALORANT Champions Tour 2021: North America Stage 2 Challengers 2.

Currently, Cloud9 White's roster is as follows: