Vitality said goodbye to M4CHINA and feqew

French team Vitality has announced that they have parted ways with M4CHINA and feqew following a bad start to the season.

Both players were part of Vitality's original FrenzyGoKill roster. After some promising early results in VCT 1: Challengers 1, the team was knocked out by Monkey Business in the Top 16. However, further the team did not manage to prove itself at the subsequent championships, being left out of the VCT 2021: Europe Stage 1 Masters.

For example, in VCT 1: Challengers 2, the French-Lithuanian team moved out of the qualifying tournament in the TOP-32 after a disappointing defeat by the Horizon Reapers. Before getting their last chance in Challengers 3, Vitality took part in epic32, where they lost in the final of the lower bracket to Rix.GG. In the third and final qualifying round of the Challengers, the team lost to Acend.

The future of both detached players and potential newcomers is currently unknown. However, there are rumors that the organization is considering former CS: GO players as replacements.

The current roster of Vitality is as follows: