Riot and Sentinels suspended sinatraa

Sinatraa has been barred from all appearances while Riot is investigating recent allegations of sexual assault against the 20-year-old player, according to a statement made by Alex François, global head of competitive operations.

"We are aware of the situation regarding Jay" sinatraa "Won, and we launched an internal investigation, during which he was suspended from working with the team. We will provide additional information after the investigation is completed," Sentinels said on Twitter.

The situation escalated after the player's ex-girlfriend reported sexual assault. She posted a nine-page text detailing how the player coerced her into sex and tracked her using GPS.

The document contains several screenshots of the couple's correspondence and audio recordings exposing the player. On one of the recordings, the girl demanded that sinatraa stop sexual pressure, but he did not listen. The girl explained why she continued to meet with the player. According to her, sinatraa was manipulating her. He stated that he did not like her and he would soon leave her. The girl was allegedly afraid of this and was ready to endure violence from the cybersportsman. A former girlfriend of the player noted that sinatraa "cornered her and made her beg him not to part with her."