forZe - Nicecactus New Year Trophy champion

The Nicecactus New Year Trophy is over, with forZe the winner. In the grand final of the tournament, the Russian team turned out to be stronger than honk with a score of 2: 0 (Split - 13:11, Icebox - 13: 9). Let us remind that it was forZe that received the only invitation to the tournament.

forZe spent the entire championship in one breath, beating One Breath Gaming (2: 1) and CISFAITH (2: 0) in the early stages. The second finalist of the tournament, honk, has beaten Totem Esports (2: 1) and Gambit Esports (2: 0) since the quarterfinals. Note that there was no match for third place in the championship.

Final distribution of places at Nicecactus New Year Trophy: