Need more DM players found a new organization - HEET Gaming

The Hungarian team need more DM founded their own organization - HEET Gaming.

All five players, including the head coach, stay together. They are joined by victorsoN, the team's analyst and coach, vakesz, the team manager, and Timmy, the team's general manager.

HEET Gaming is currently receiving financial support from several investors as well as a partnership agreement with streamheroes. It is noted that at first the organization will be represented only in VALORANT, planning to expand in the future to other eSports disciplines.

need more DM has been one of the founders of the European scene since the game's beta. Despite the large number of tournaments played and vast experience, no player has ever been signed by the organization. In addition, from the HEET Gaming formations, all team players remained free agents without receiving wages.

As a reminder, a former professional CS: GO player DeadFox has recently joined the team. He took the place of tigene, who left need more DM in December.

HEET will debut on the upcoming VALORANT Champions Tour at the end of January. This championship will also be the first for DeadFox in the new discipline.

HEET Gaming roster is as follows: