The second act has begun in VALORANT

On July 5, the second act began at VALORANT. Together with him, the game has a new character Killjoy, a new mode and cosmetic items. Riot Games also introduced the act rank system, which we wrote about in a recent article.

The main innovation was the emergence of a new agent. Killjoy is a German hacker who understands engineering and nanotechnology. In battle, she uses various robots and mechanisms. With the release of Killjoy, the changes were made to another agent - Raze. They cut her explosive damage and increased the animation time of abilities.

With the second act, the rank system changed. The VALORANT will now have an “act rank” that displays progress over a period of time.

Also, the game will have a "fight to the death" mode, which the community requested. This is a classic deathmatch for 10 players with unlimited credits.

Riot has not forgotten about the cosmetic changes. With the release of Act 2, the Battle Pass has also been updated. Players will find new images of weapons, frames, key chains and more. Premium Battle Pass owners will be able to get exclusive skins: Red Alert for the Operator and POLY-Fox for the Guardian.