Valorant Ranked Issues Continue

VALORANT character designer Ryan "Morello" Scott recently performed a stream. During the broadcast, the developer talked with the fans, answering their questions. One of the most “sick” topics for the community is the ranking system of the game. Ryan revealed some details about the current state of affairs.

From the words of Morello, it became known that the person involved in the development of the rating system, recently left Riot Games. More interestingly, Riot has not yet found a replacement for the departed developer. Ryan noted that the ranking system is still one of the main problems of VALORANT. Also on the stream, Ryan made it clear that the other aspects of the game are in perfect order.

The ranking system in VALORANT appeared on June 25th. Since the release, she has already managed to undergo a number of changes, including changes in the selection of players and limitation of ranks during calibration.