crab1k announces career suspension

crab1k has announced an indefinite suspension of his professional career. The 26-year-old Russian cybersportsman announced this on his social networks, citing a lack of motivation.

Everyone probably thinks where I disappeared, I don’t stream and don’t appear in VALORANT, so here’s the answer for you - I take a break from games for about six months, or maybe less, until there is a normal tournament system, although maybe forever. No one knows how everything will turn out with where I went. There is nothing more to add, I will keep you informed, and yes, they didn’t kick me out of the organization, I just left, saying that I had lost the proper motivation to play with such tournaments and at 26 there is no pleasure to play for such pennies, to sit my life in empty. See you soon, hugged all the guys!

crab1k entered the scene in the spring of 2020, having moved from the PUBG discipline. For two years, the 26-year-old Russian esportsman tried himself in several teams, including Worst Players and SMARACIS Esports, winning RUSH to Glory #7 with them, and also getting into the top three at GUNS AND MASTERS, Razer Invitational Europe and VERSUS LEGENDS #3.

Note that crab1k joined Piercer Esports last month. At the same time, the team failed to qualify for VALORANT Regional Leagues 2022 MENA: Resilience Stage 2 - GCC and Iraq, thus missing the summer part of the season.

The Piercer Esports roster is currently as follows: