Promod Esports launches a new series of VALORANT tournaments

Promod Esports esports agency has announced the launch of Beacon, a new series of VALORANT esports tournaments for players from the UK, Ireland and Scandinavia. The series, which will partner with Riot Games, will see the introduction of a number of tournaments in Northern Europe. The teams that will compete in the championships will receive rating points, based on which they will form the composition of the participants in the finals in August.

The Beacon Series will serve as the grassroots VALORANT series in Northern Europe, below VRL Northern League: Polaris. The series is reported to allow amateur players to take their first step into professional esports.

The Beacon Series will feature two splits per year, with numerous tournaments hosted by third parties. Teams will earn points, with those points determining the division as well as the seeding for the finals. In total, the teams will be divided into three divisions.

It is known that VALORANT Community The GooseHouse and the gaming platform LeaguesGG will be one of the first organizers of tournaments under the auspices of Beacon.

Note that Promod Esports is currently organizing VRL Northern League: Polaris for Northern Europe.