Warbirds Steps Down as Renegades VALORANT Coach

Warbirds has stepped down as VALORANT coach for Renegades. The American specialist announced this on his Twitter, adding that he was ready to continue his career as a coach, analyst or assistant coach.

I am officially released by Renegade and am now a free agent looking for opportunities as a head coach, assistant coach and analyst.

Eager to win and outperform competitors.

The Warbirds took over the Renegades last March. During the season, the American specialist helped the team win many TIER-3 tournaments, including NSG: Summer Championship - Open 1, NSG: Summer Championship - Open 3, NSG: Summer Championship - Monthly April and Rival Room - Rival 1, and also get into the top three on Knights Monthly Gauntlet - May and Knights Arena Valorampage.

However, the Renegades did not have a relationship with big championships, as a result of which the team never qualified for any VCT: North America. The last tournament for the Warbirds as Renegades coach was the Knights Arena Monthly Gauntlet 2022: February, following which the team took fourth place.

From now on, the Renegades roster for VALORANT is as follows: