Chamber was officially released

Riot Games has released a fresh update for VALORANT, in which Chamber was officially released. At the same time, the development team paid attention to rating play and fixing a number of bugs.

Ranked game changes

The developers have removed all rank restrictions in groups of 5 players in competitive matches. The community now has the ability to play in groups of 5 players without the restrictions set in the ranked game for smaller groups. The changes also affected the rules for calculating RRI for a game in a group of 5 people. Additionally, Riot Games has removed the ability to play in groups of 4 in ranked play.

E-sports changes

In spectator mode, agent icons will no longer "get stuck" on one agent in the minimized stream interface. At the same time, the colors of the interface for attackers and defenders in spectator mode will differ from each other (the skills of the attackers will be displayed in red, and for the defenders - in turquoise). Added a yellow outline for the player icons on the minimap to show which player the spectator is currently watching.

A number of bugs have also been fixed:

Chamber Official Release

Together with the update, Chamber was added to the game. The new agent has a set of unique skills: