Gale Force eSports — champions of RLCS Season 4

The European team won Grand final against Method in RLCS Season 4 Finals and became the champion of the event.

LAN-final of the championship took place on November 10 – 12. The total prize pool for the event was $150,000. The representatives of 8 different countries took place in the tournament.

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Gale Force have worked their way towards success from the winning of quarterfinals and got to the final through the upper bracket after winning such opponents as G2 Esports, Ghost Gaming and Method.

It should be mentioned that Gale Force also took the first place in the European league.

For their efforts, Gale Force eSports got the main prize pool of $55,000. Method, who took the second place, received consolation prize of $30,000.

Prize pool distribution:

Place Prize Team
1st $55,000 Gale Force eSports
2nd $30,000 Method
3rd $16,000 Cloud9
4th $11,000 G2 Esports
5th-6th $8,000 PSG eSports
Ghost Gaming
7th-8th $6,000 Mock-It eSports
Chiefs eSports Club
9th-10th $5,000 Pale Horse eSports
NRG eSports