First details of Rocket League Championships Series Season 4

The organizers of RLCS #4 announced the first details of the tournament. The schedule for different tournament stages and other information are available new.

The first thing to mention is that from now on the teams participating in Rocket League Championship Series Season 4 should have 4 players in a roster. One of the players will be a stand-in for unforeseen circumstances.

At the beginning of the event, everyone wishing to participate will join the open qualifiers. The participants from top-32 lists in each of three open qualifiers will move to the regional qualifiers, where the general number of participants will be 96.

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Schedule for tournament stages:


S4 Registration Opens

S4 Registration Closes
S4 Open Qualifier #1
S4 Open Qualifier #2
S4 Open Qualifier #3

S4 Regional Play-In
S4 League Play

S4 League Play
Regional Championships

World Championship