Epsilon eSports signed a Rocket League roster

The head of the eSports organization has informed on its official Twitter account about Epsilon to sign three Rocket League players.

The new Rocket League roster of Epsilon eSports includes three players of the team Parallax: Alex «Alex161» Ernst, Oscar «Data» Rotander and Nicolas «Reepex» Ammann. They were playing in tournaments under the colors of Parallax during a month. The 1st place at Metacup Series 3v3 #13 and the 2nd place at Gfinity Competitor Cup #45 can be called good achievements of players during the time being in Parallax.

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First of all, Epsilon eSports are known to the public for their CS:GO roster. The organization has decided to grow in the Rocket League way.

The Rocket League roster of Epsilon eSports:

Alex «Alex161» Ernst
Oscar «Data» Rotander
Nicolas «Reepex» Ammann