FaZe Clan acquires Peeps and joins the Rocket League

FaZe Clan announced the acquisition of the hugely popular and sought-after professional team The Peeps, thus entering a new discipline for themselves. Note that with the entry of FaZe Clan into the Rocket League, the organization is now exhibiting nine competitive teams in esports competitions.

The Peeps, made up of Gyro, AYYJAYY and Allushin, is a longtime name in the Rocket League Championships Series (RLCS). A few weeks ago, the team took fourth place in the RLCS Season X - Winter: NA Major.

The Peeps, originally founded in 2018, is a reformation of the former Pittsburgh Knights lineup that was released by the organization in 2020.

To commemorate the acquisition and first entry into the Rocket League, the organization is releasing two limited edition hoodies in tribute to The Peeps. They will be available for purchase on the official FaZe Clan website until Sunday, March 21st.

The Peeps are currently ranked 5th in the North American Rocket League Championships Series.

The new FaZe Clan roster is as follows: