Rocket League celebrates anniversary

For fans of the Rocket League, a holiday has come. July 7, the game turned 5 years old. In honor of this, the developers decided to take stock of the path traveled.

In infographics, Psyonix showed the main figures of the game. Over the five years the project has existed, 75 million players have played in the Rocket League, who have scored over 29 billion goals in 5 billion matches. The developers also noted important dates for the game. They became the release for PC and PS4 in 2015, for Nintendo Switch in 2017 and the launch of cross-display between platforms in 2019. In addition, Psyonix shared the popularity of machines and game modes over the past year.

In 2020, players most often preferred the Ronin GXT. The most popular mode was Heatseeker - a homing ball mode.

In honor of the anniversary, until July 13, the game hosts a special event. During a temporary event, players will be able to receive new cosmetic customization items.