Pokemaniacs transform into The Brick

There is a commotion on the European Rocket League scene. Today, the Pokemaniacs team ceased to exist.

A new team has come to replace the "departed" team. Please love and favor The Bricks.

Lineup of The Bricks

Previously, all players performed under the auspices of Pokemaniacs. Now a team of two Englishmen and a Spaniard will play at RLCS tournaments under a new tag.

The Bricks tag itself is not new and may have been known to Rocket League fans since 2018. Different rosters of The Bricks under the team tag won a number of local events, including Gfinity Summer Series 2018 - Cup 6, Ballistix Brawl - Season 1: Qualifier 2 and Rival Esports: Summer Open 2019 - Europe.