Ninjas in Pajamas is starting a global restructuring of the Rainbow Six roster

According to the BLIX.GG portal and a number of other sources, the Swedish eSports organization Ninjas in Pajamas is starting a global restructuring of its Rainbow Six roster. In particular, the club intends to change the head coach, as well as abandon a number of players. It is noted that such a decision is due to the failure of the team in Brasileirão 2022 - Stage 1, as a result of which the Brazilians were left without Six Charlotte Major 2022.

The first contender for the exit is the current head coach of the Mity team. The 23-year-old Brazilian specialist has been leading the team since March last year, having managed to win the Six Invitational 2021 and Copa Elite Six - Season 2021: Stage 2, as well as take second place in the Six Sweden Major 2021 and Brasileirão 2021 - Finals.

It is reported that freezao, the current coach of Black Dragons e-Sports, will take over the reins of Ninjas in Pajamas.

In addition, the Swedish club intends to abandon the services of Julio. The 27-year-old Brazilian is the founder of the original team, formed in mid-2018. However, Ninjas in Pajamas intends to rejuvenate the roster by making the veteran inactive. Potential candidates are Kheyze and Fntzy, who currently represent the colors of w7m esports and FURIA, respectively.

These are not the only team changes that could happen before the start of the next split. It is likely that the organization will look for other options to strengthen its squad, which did not live up to expectations in the last Brasileirão 2022 - Stage 1, finishing last there.

The current Rainbow Six roster of Ninjas in Pajamas is as follows: