Operation High Caliber and Thorn will appear in Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft spoke about what awaits Rainbow Six Siege players. According to them, another new operation should appear in the game, along with which a new character, codenamed Thorn, will be available in the game. Not long before the full-fledged announcement, the developers showed a teaser of the update on social networks.

The new character in the game is Thorn, a native of Ireland. She can be played on the defense side, and her unique skill is Razorbloom Shell. The ability can be used in inconspicuous places in order to inflict damage on opponents. This ability cannot be called completely hidden either - before the explosion, the Razorbloom Shell will make a characteristic sound, thanks to which opponents can dodge the explosion.

Thorn will be available after the introduction of a new operation in the game called High Caliber. In the latter, the fact that the Outback map has been reworked is also notable.

In the video below, you can watch the gameplay from Thorn's perspective and evaluate her abilities:

For fans of long videos, we can offer to watch the full video of the presentation of the Rainbow Six Siege developers, in which they talk in detail about the upcoming High Caliber operation: